Oh, the times we had.

The Ivy Student Voice is no longer active. This website ran for the 2014-2015 academic year, and still exists as an archive. If you're an Ivy Tech student interested in reviving the paper, please contact bl-studentvoice@ivytech.edu.

The Broadview Learning Center

We do many things just because we think it is good for us. We take vitamins, exercise and drink plenty of water. Sometimes we do things that are uncomfortable or challenging because they provide a benefit to us or others. We might make a blood donation to a local drive. Or we go to see our dentist twice a year to keep our teeth healthy. No one makes us do these things, but we do them.

Stealing Words

Campus Pride Attends MBLGTACC 2015

Get Involved

Would you be interested in an opportunity to discover your passion and strengths? Would you want to be apart of opportunities that will let you meet new people?

SGA Presents: Sam DeWeese

SGA Presents: Brad Thurmond

Culinary Corner April 2015

When given the task to bring a dish to share, impress the crowd with these delicious sweet and tangy lemon bars. These lemon bars are not too heavy and make a great dessert for the warm summer months.

Culinary Corner March 2015

Culinary Corner February 2015

Mê Tis

The Eighth edition of the Ivy Tech Literary magazine mê tis was launched Tuesday April 21st at the Waldron Arts Center. Competition winners who were published read creative written work to a full house and many shared their creative process.

Ivy Tech Students Perform Eurydice

Faculty Member Publishes Book